Blossoms Expands Teppanyaki Services Aruba

Aruba is an incredibly diverse island, with a wide variety of cultures and cuisines for you to experience. And while you’ll find many Caribbean, Dutch, and Spanish restaurants, Asian cuisine is also well represented thanks to Blossoms Japanese and Chinese Restaurant in Palm Beach.

Blossoms offers the finest Chinese and Japanese cuisine in Aruba with an authentic Asian experience. Upon walking into the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with decor that blends Japanese and Chinese elements to create a unique atmosphere you don’t often find in the Caribbean. You’ll also notice the new additions to the Blossoms dining room floor as part of a renovation – 3 modern and elegant double Teppanyaki Tables – where guests can enjoy dinner and an unforgettable show at the same time led by their master chefs.

About Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is one of the main attractions of Blossoms, consisting of a flat grill surrounded by guests on 3 of the 4 sides. In the middle is an expert chef who cooks high-quality meats, fish, vegetables, and just about anything else that can be grilled directly in front of you while you watch. The bright, flashy, and mesmerizing display provides insight into the cooking process as well as an interactive show to keep you entertained while you dine. You may even be asked to participate in cooking your meal to the delight of friends and family.

Blossoms Triples Teppanyaki Tables with Dining Room Renovation

This “dinner and a show” is a unique experience that lasts 90 minutes or more, which unfortunately has limited the availability of the experience for those visiting Aruba for a short time without time for a reservation. However, this renovation has solved availability concerns by tripling the number of guests that can be served.

To allow more people to experience this unique attraction, Blossoms added 2 more Teppanyaki double tables to their dining area. This brings the total up to 6 tables – each with around 10 seats – allowing up to 60 guests to enjoy the show at a time. Even better – you can enjoy the show in the comfort of air conditioning thanks to the indoor Teppanyaki Tables.

Couples, families, parties, and even large gatherings can now sit, drink, eat, and enjoy a masterful display of cooking prowess at the beautiful Blossoms Japanese and Chinese Restaurant in the heart of Palm Beach.

Experience Asian Fusion in Aruba Today

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable dining experience as part of your vacation or just want to try something new, look no further than Blossoms Japanese and Chinese Restaurant. Offering luxury Asian cuisine, fine dining, and expert Teppanyaki service, there is something for everyone to enjoy and memories to be made.

Even with more seats opening at the table, reservations fill up fast. Give Blossoms a call at +297 586 3388 today to schedule your Teppanyaki dinner and a show today.