Blossoms Triples Teppanyaki Table Offering

Blossoms has been serving up delicious Chinese and Japanese meals for many years on the beautiful island of Aruba. Now, by popular demand, Blossoms is pleased to announce the expansion of its exciting Teppanyaki offering by tripling the number of Teppanyaki Table stations from two to SIX in the form of three double islands!

What is a Teppanyaki Table?

Teppanyaki Table

The Teppanyaki Table is a truly unique dining experience. Many people think that the Japanese Hibachi Grill and a Teppanyaki Table are the same thing, but they are different in a few key ways. Hibachi uses an open-grate barbecue grill with a charcoal or gas flame for cooking. In Teppanyaki, by contrast, a solid-surface cooking griddle is used. The reason this distinction is important is because the solid-surface griddle allows for a much wider range of ingredients to be used, including eggs, rice and other smaller ingredients that would just fall through an open-grate grill. However, in popular usage, everyone tends to consider “teppanyaki” and “hibachi” as interchangeable, so don’t be surprised when people use either one to describe the kind of experience we offer here at Blossoms.

The word teppanyaki is derived from different Japanese words, including “teppan” (the metal griddle used for cooking) and “yaki” (which means pan-fried, broiled or grilled). The word “hibachi” literally means “fire bowl” because the small containers used to hold the burning charcoal first started out as bowls lined with a heatproof material. 

Teppanyaki is a relatively recent development in Japanese cuisine, dating back only to the mid 1940s. It has never been especially popular in Japan itself, but is hugely popular with tourists, which is why Teppanyaki table offerings have sprung up all around the world.

Interested in other aspects of Japanese food? Check out the Japanese Cuisine page on Wikipedia!

Why did Blossoms Triple its Teppanyaki Offering?

Teppanyaki Table

The answer to this question is simple: People love watching the food they are going to eat being prepared right in front of them. Teppanyaki has evolved over the years into something much more exciting than a mere meal – it is a true performance for which chefs must go through a lot of training to perfect. Manual dexterity and a warm, engaging personality are a must, and the Teppanyaki chefs at Blossoms never disappoint in either aspect, including surprising pyrotechnic displays of soaring flames as they chop and grill a meal fit for royalty before your very eyes. You might even accept an invitation to try your hand at Teppanyaki cooking alongside our expert chefs! Our three indoor “islands” for Teppanyaki are each a double-grill arrangement that can accommodate from 16-20 guests per island, so it’s a great option for larger groups of family and friends! 

Teppanyaki Table

If you have never had the pleasure of participating in a Teppanyaki Table dining experience, be sure to book one while you’re enjoying the tropical paradise of Aruba! We ask that you please call +297 586-3388 to make a Teppanyaki reservation. In order to accommodate all reservations at the Teppanyaki Tables, keep in mind that the total seating time is 1.5 hours beginning at your reserved time. Please be on-time! We can only hold your reservations for 15 minutes into the appointed time. Learn more about what meals you can enjoy on our Teppanyaki page. Come join us for dinner experience you’ll remember for years to come!